What is the skill level (and will my child fit-in)?

ALL are welcome!  The skill level of our club and the teams we play against vary.  Our teams are comprised mostly of players with Premier and Select club level experience, but also have plenty of players with AYSO and other recreational experience. It's not uncommon for a first-year player to want to play with us.  We welcome everyone.  It's our commitment to ensuring all players fit in and are comfortable, that they receive the training and playing time needed, and that they have fun.  


Where do we practice (train) and have our home games?

We practice and have our games at our home field in Hudsonville.  We have players that drive from Ludington and Big Rapids to the north, Cass and southern Michigan to the south, and Detroit to the east... to play with us.   So if you're thinking of making the hike... we'll help in any way we can.  We're big on carpooling.  And of course, the boys like hanging out too!  


What type of fields do we play on?

We mostly play on grass, with an occasional game on turf.  Oh yeah... and we'll have a couple games under the lights! [So fun!]   Having a quality field to play on is something that is important to our club- to keep the boys as healthy and injury-free as possible.  


How long is the season?

August through October.  But we have fun opportunities to play soccer almost year round.  This really helps give homeschooled boys the opportunity to develop and enrich the bonds and friendships they form with other homeschooled boys.  These opportunities include spring/summer weekly drop-ins, summer camp, and in the winter- we offer weekly indoor drop-in/ futsal for whoever shows AND (separately) indoor competitive soccer weekly games against other clubs.   Register with us here and we'll share the upcoming opportunities to play. 


Do you offer any extra training or camps?

Yes, in addition to the regular season, we offer optional indoor training and drop-ins during the winter. Get those boys some exercise in the winter so they don't drive you bananas at home!  We also offer an optional summer camp, as well as optional positional one-on-one training for players.  These one-on-one training will be coached by current/former players who specialize(d) in those positions and offer some tactical tips and insight which will help give your boy the competitive edge.  In addition to all of these opportunities, we also offer an off-season indoor league- again- optional.  Starting Summer 2018, we offer Heat Summer Camp, usually one of the last weeks in July.  In 2018, we brought in a world-renown soccer expert that has coached teams and players all over the world.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive about our camp and parents shared with us that it was the best soccer camp they've ever been to.  Our soccer camps are legit soccer camps... not our coaches running "drills" looking to prospect players, but a no-obligation opportunity for boys to learn little, but valuable techniques that will help them in playing their game.  


How can I help?

We are led by volunteers and many opportunities exist.  If you'd like to help our club out, we'd love to have you!  Our teams need a team parent (liaison between coach and parent communications, etc.), tournament meal planner, fun-activities planner (plan fun events for the boys throughout the season), and many more.  Please contact us by clicking here and let us know you'd like to help.  


Who is our competition (who do we play against)?

We play against other homeschool clubs all over Michigan and a handful of private and public schools as well. These teams are no slouches.  In 2017, we played a public school that was ranked in the State of Michigan (and won- what a game!).  And Michigan is stacked with strong competitive homeschool teams.  In fact, a Michigan team has won the National Tournament/Title 8 of the last 10 years!  


Where do we play games (how far do we travel)?

Most of our games are played in West Michigan, with a game or two as far as Detroit, but most of our away games are within an hour's drive from Hudsonville/Grand Rapids (places like Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, etc).  If traveling is a concern, it's very common for folks to carpool.  We are thankful to have a great group of parents who want to help ease the burden for others when it comes to traveling.  In fact, we have players that drive from Ludington and Big Rapids to the north, Cass and southern Michigan to the south, and Detroit to the east... to play with us.   So we're big on carpooling.  And of course, the boys like hanging out too!   *see tournaments section below


What are the player fees for Fall 2021 Junior High, JV and Varsity?

***All club fees includes entries to all tournaments***

Varsity:  $375 for the season, JV:  $350 for the season, Junior High:  $150 for the season.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer a multi-player family discount for families that have more than 1 child playing with the Heat. The first player is full price and each additional player receives a $25 discount on their player fees. 

Scholarship opportunities may exist for those in need who want to play.  We never want to see someone not be able to play because of a lack of resources.  Please contact us by clicking here, and your request will be confidential. 


What happens if my son doesn't make a team (i.e. is not placed on a team)?

We really do everything we can to ensure that every player has a spot on a team.  It's very important to us that we not leave anyone out and we believe everyone has a place in our club.  A HUGE focus of ours is individual player development.  We believe every player can improve- from a beginner or someone new to soccer... through the expert.  In fact... since we formed, we are very thankful to have placed every single player who has tried out with our club on a team. 


In the unlikely and very rare instance that your son does not make a team or is not placed on a team, if you have paid any player fee, that player fee will be refunded.  But that doesn't mean it's the end of that relationship!  We would love to have your family join us at practices and games... and help out the team in other ways.  For example, we've had some youngsters... and even graduate players... come with the team and support us at games and events, be ball-boys, help the coaches, help during warm-ups, etc. 


Do we participate in any tournaments?

You bet we do!  We play in a pre-season tournament in Michigan to kick off the season.  We also participate in a tournament in Fort Wayne, IN to give the boys some different exposure- playing teams from New York, Indiana and Ohio.  The State tournament is the second to the last weekend of the season, and Nationals which is the final weekend of the season.  Tournaments are a big deal for our boys.  The State tourney allows the boys to play against other competitive homeschooled teams across the state of Michigan... and the National Tournament features competitive homeschooled teams from all over the nation.  The goal, of course, is to take top-honor.  But the boys just like to play in a big and well-respected venue like that.  It's an awesome experience for both players and parents.  The State Tournament is held in the Lansing and Nationals is in Indiana.  If travel is a concern, we love to carpool!


What equipment is required?

Shin guards, soccer shoes, a team uniform, and a smile. 


What are the eligibility requirements?

- Maximum age of 18 years old.  Minimum grade 6 for Junior High Team. 

-Players must be homeschooled a minimum of 51% of their academic classes each year. A minimum of the students three core subject areas, not including extracurricular subjects, must be taught at home by the parent, another homeschool parent or tutor, co-op, or online class, provided that it is done under the direct supervision of the student's parent(s).

-Any classes taken at a public or private school, College, or University or Vocational/Technical classes taken outside the home are not considered homeschooled. Nor are classes taken from a virtual online school through a government program.

-Players must not be employed full-time (40 hours per week).

-A Player must not be recognized by one of their parents or legal guardians as being graduated from High School level education.

-Players may only be rostered as a Varsity player for 4 years unless they played with us their 8th-grade year.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking here.