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  • Do you offer any extra training or camps?
    Our soccer camps are designed to teach valuable technique, identify prospective players, and be a no-obligation opportunity for homeschool boys to learn about the game of soccer. We also offer positional one-on-one training for players. This training will be coached by current/former players who specialize(d) in those positions and offer some tactical tips and insight which will help give your player the competitive edge. In addition to the opportunities during the regular season, we offer optional spring/summer drop-ins and winter futsal. Our players often compete in indoor league play through the winter.
  • How long is the Heat soccer season?
    The league competitive season runs from August through October. We also have fun opportunities to play soccer almost year round. This helps give homeschooled boys the opportunity to develop their skills and enrich the friendships they form. Drop-in soccer play occurs weekly during the spring & summer. We host an annual summer camp the end of July. In the winter, we offer weekly futsal for anyone interested. Many of our players play indoor competitive league soccer together with weekly games against other teams. Please contact us and we'll share the upcoming opportunities to play.
  • What type of competition do Heat soccer teams play?
    We play against other homeschool clubs all over Michigan and a handful of private and public schools as well. We design our seasons to challenge our players and grow them throughout the season. Michigan is stacked with strong competitive homeschool teams. In fact, a Michigan team has won the National Tournament/Title 9 of the last 11 years!
  • Where do West Michigan Heat teams play games (how far do we travel)?
    Most of our games are played in West Michigan, with a game or two as far as Detroit, but most of our away games are within an hour's drive from Hudsonville/Grand Rapids (places like Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, etc). Carpooling is common. We are thankful to have many who are willing to coordinate travel. In fact, we have had players that drive from Ludington and Big Rapids, Cass and southern Michigan, and Detroit... play with us. Carpools are useful for both practices and competitions.
  • Where do Heat teams train and play home matches?
    We practice and play many of our games at our home field in Hudsonville. The field is located behind Hudsonville Christian School. We have players that commute significant distances (north, south, east, and west) to play with us. If you are considering a commute... we'll help connect you to other Heat families. Carpools can be effective - and promote friendships as well.
  • What type of fields do Heat teams play on?
    We typically play on grass fields, with an occasional game on turf. We prioritize quality fields as necessary to keep our players healthy and as injury-free as possible.
  • Do West Michigan Heat teams participate in tournaments?
    Each of our teams compete in tournament play. We host a the Heat Kick-off Invitational for varsity teams from MI and surrounding states. Our junior high team competes in a tournament in West Michigan. Our junior varsity and varsity teams participate in a tournament in Fort Wayne, IN with competitors from New York, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The varsity state tournament in Lansing is the second to the last weekend of the season, and Nationals is the final weekend of the season in TN. We find tournaments provide excellent growth opportunities and competitive exposure for our players. The State tournament allows the team to play against other competitive homeschooled teams across the state of Michigan. The National tournament featured 35 competitive homeschooled teams from TX to NY. It has been our club honor to bring home 5 State and National Championships. The player growth, team development and friendships are greatest value of tournament experiences.
  • What is the skill level (and will my child fit-in)?
    ALL male soccer players grades 6-12 are welcome! The skill level of our club and the teams we play against vary. Our Varsity team includes many high level club players. Some of our Junior Varsity and Junior High players have club and recreational soccer experience. We welcome all skill levels - even first year players. It is our commitment to include players of all levels of experience. We limit our teams based on the number of high quality coaching staff we have to support them. We aim for excellent athlete experience. It is our goal to help athletes connect with the team and receive the training and competition to improve as players and persons. We encourage player development and fun!
  • What is required to participate?
    After registration, each team member needs shin guards, soccer cleats, soccer ball, team uniform, water, and a great attitude.
  • What are the eligibility requirements?
    - High School: Minimum age of 13 and maximum age of 19 years old through final day of NHSC competition. Junior High: Minimum grade 6. -Players must be homeschooled the majority of their education managed by their parents/guardians. -Players must not be employed full-time (40 hours per week). -A Player must not be recognized by one of their parents or legal guardians as being graduated from High School level education. -Players may only be rostered as a Varsity player for 4 years unless they played with us their 8th-grade year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
  • How can I help?
    Our club is successful and effective because of the leadership and service of many volunteers. Opportunities within our club include: team parents (liaison between coach and parent communications, etc.), tournament meal planners, team-event planners (plan fun for the boys throughout the season), ball chasers and many more. If you would like invest in the experience of our players, please contact us.


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